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Penfolds Grange 2004 for 600$?

There exists very expensive cars like Maybach and cheaper ones like VW Golf. Both are bringing us to the same place. So for one Grange 2004 for 600$ is fine for other ones it is too expensive . Everybody is completely free to buy whatever he wants. I like Grange 2004 certainly but I will drink some older Grange!

It seems that Bordeaux producers learnded: its better to sell to wine lovers then to gamblers. But obviously only in Bordeaux!

Capaia from South Africa is getting better and better

Yesterday we were enjoying two vintages from Capaia in South Africa. The 2005 Vintage (the last from unfortunately passed away Tibor Gal) made wine was incredibly concentrated. The complex fruity nose had first flavours from the beginning ripeness. There are lots of Tannins but ripe and juicy. The 2006 vintage (the first wine made by famous Bordeaux winemaker Stefan Graf von Neipperg) was pretty similar. The nose a little bit less developed but incredibly elegant and delicate. A firm body, concentrated, round with ripe and soft tannins and a long finish. We enjoyed the wines to Lamb-rack – a perfect combination. I’m looking forward to the upcoming vintages!

Feine, alte Zigarren und gratis Feuerzeug als ulitmative Geschenke für Geniesserinnen und Geniesser

Für alle Zigarrenleibhaber lohnt sich der Gang zu Denner wieder einmal ganz besonders. Da gibt es zur Zeit die Hoyo Churchill für CHF 220.00 statt 440.00 zu kaufen. Wenn man die Codes auf der Zigarrenkiste anschaut scheinen die einem fremd. Das ist nicht weiter verwunderlich, stammen die Kisten doch aus den Jahren 1999 und 2000. Die Zigarren sind perfekt gelagert und der Zug der beiden Churchil’s aus verschiedenen Kisten die ich bereits genossen habe, war mittelhart. Die Zigarre ist gewohnt kräftig und gegen Ende sehr intensiv. Durch gegenblasen über das Feuerzeug kann ein Teil der aetherischen Oele “abgefackelt” werden und die die Hoyo Churchill bis zum letzten Zug genossen werden.

Wers lieber leichter mag, findet die Kiste Zino Classic No. 6 im praktischen Tubo für CHF 126.00 statt 180.00. Dann kauft man sich am besten das aktuelle “Cigar” (wenn mans nicht schon längst abonniert hat), da ist nämlich ein Gutschein drin. mit dem man gratis ein goldenes Colibri Boss Feuerzeug mit integriertem Cutter im Wert von CHF 180.00 bestellen kann, wenn man den kaufbeleg für die Zino Classic No. 6 einschickt. Das ist das ultimative Weihnachsgeschenk für die geniessende Dame oder den genmiessenden Herrn!

Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé 2006

Since Friday Denner is selling the Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé for very interesting prices as usual. The Premier’s like Mouton Rothschild etc. will be in March on the shell.The 2006 vintage is classic with soft but present tannins. After the extremely expensive 2005 vintage everybody would have liked more price reduction on 2006. but anyway financial crisis was not in everybody’s mind when prices were fixed!The wines with the best price-quality relation are for me Ch teau Duhart-Milon (Lafite-Rothschild Group) 2006 at CHF 49.90, Ch teau Phelan Segur 2006 at CHF 35.90 and Ch teau Gloria 2006 at CHF 39.90.

wine impressions

Yesterday we tasted with some friends and partners three very nice wines. The first wine was a Cheval des Andes 2001 from Argentina. The Joint Venture between Cheval Blanc (St. Emillion) and Bodegas Terrazas de los Andes is since 1999 producing nice wines. Cheval Andes 2001 almost over concentrated, alcohol and tannins very present but well balanced. This wine needed even in the big Riedel sommelier glass 2 hours to show the full potential. 90 Christen Points.

The second wine, Cos d’Estournel 1986delicate fruit flavors’ and a touch of dark choco9late and mushrooms. With a bit of fantasy you could eventually smell a bit of „Bret“. The wine is slightly over the top, but still very structured and has soft tannins. 92 Ch-Points.

The third wine was the best. Opulent, complex and still very fruity, unbelievable that this Cheval Blanc 1985 has more than 20 years of aging! This wine has still some potential, tannin and body are well balanced and the wine is very long on palate. The best wine I enjoyed so far in 2008. 99 Ch-Points

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