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The Influence of the bottle size during aging Château d‘Escurac 1998

During a tasting of a half, a bottle and a magnum of Château d‘Escurac 1998 I could clearly see the difference from the bottle size on the aging process. All the bottles where stored the last then years at ideal conditions at the same place.

The half bottle was ripe with lots of chocolate, coffee and a bit of plum on the nose. The tannins where fine and silky. The wine is ready to drink and has a potential of 1 to 2 years.

The bottle had less of the aging flavors but more fruity components. The tannins where ripe but clearly present. Aging potential 2 – 4 years

The magnum was still young and fresh with more vanilla and fruit flavors. The tannins where still very present. This bottle has an aging potential from 5 to 7 years

Private consumption in Switzerland

The 7th January 2010 the analyst from CS Credit Suisse announced there prognose about a negative growth of private consumption in Switzerland for 2010. There arguments, more unemployment and less immigration.

I think like in USA or GB the privat consumption will still stay strong. Consumer say in difficult times: I like to spend some money and do me something good

Penfolds Grange 2004

Penfolds Grange 2004  

During Vinexpo in Bordeaux I could taste Grange 2004 with Winemaker Peter Gago.

Really a great wine. Very concentrated in the nose with flavors of ripe cherries, tobacco and a hint of cigar box and vanilla. Very complex, full bodied lots of ripe tannins and very long on the palate. To drink from 2012 to 2034. 97 Christen points.

Grange 1994. Delicate flavors of mint, eucalypt, chocolate and spices. Concentrated and not a bit tired! To drink from now until 2024. Unfortunately there is only one bottle left in my private cellar. 94 Christen points

I’m a bit jealous not being able to spend 600$ per bottle. Peter Gago mentioned that the wine was sold in Australia in only a few days. I’m sure in Europe are still plenty of bottles left.

In the same tasting I did appreciate very much St. Henri Shiraz 2005. Rich flavor from red berries and already a hint of chocolate. Full bodied and very long lasting. To drink now until 2025. 92 Christen points.

The potential of this wine is very high. Peter offered as well a 1991 vintage. Still very complex with flavors of truffles and leather, full bodied and long lasting. Not a bit tired.90 Christen points. The good news St. Henri Shiraz is selling for 60 to 100$

Lidl and Aldi in Switzerland

Last week Lidl opened the first 13 shops in Switzerland. Most customers were disappointed, because prices where at least at the level of Aldi, sometimes even higher than Denner. It seems that high operating costs in Switzerland are responsible for higher prices.

The wine assortment had no surprises. Beside a lot of Swiss wines the bestseller from the German Lidl assortment. The weekly wine promotions are not especially attractive. This week Italian Pinot Grigio Provinca Padova 6 bottles for 19.99. At Denner they do promotion from similar wines for 17.70 for six bottles. The wine was thin and uncharacteristic, like wine from a hard discount!

Somhow I think Aldi and Lidl are more for tax reasons in Switzerland. Or can anybody explain why Aldi Aldi shortly (SHAB Nr. 53 18.03.2009) put up the issued share capital from unbelievable CHF 994 Mill. to 1045 Mill.?


PUNCH PUNCH Cigar Tasting

Boxing date: JUL07

Format: Corona Gorda   Length: 143 mm     Ring: 46 (18 mm)       Price: 12.60 CHF)

Smoking length: 1 hour

Cover: Caramelbrown         Texture: nicly and smoth       Rolling: very equal and perfectly stocked Cigar,

Cold: Hey, Cedar.           Flavour: full and harmonic.             Impression: invites to smoke.

Cold draught: slightly sweet.       Cigar while smoked:       Flavour: at the beginning chocolate, spices and hey, later spicier and liquorices.

In the mouth: full bodied and sweet, long lasting.

Draught: medium to lightburning: equally

Form of burning: pyramid shape         Colour of the ash: dark ash grey         Consistence of the ash: firm, almost sandy        

Smoking:First third: for a Cuban cigar light, but full bodied         Second third: intense and spicy         Last third: strong and spicy

My personal drink suggestion: Highland Park 16 Years Single Malt Scotch whisky

Situation: after a light lunch, a sip of whisky and then walking through a Swiss winter landscape with snow.

General: full flavored, long lasting cigarStrength: 3/5Flavour: 4/5 [/lang_en]

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