Felix Christen
Oenologe MBA HSG
Butzenstrasse 2
CH-8304 Wallisellen

phone +41 44 830 66 09
mobile +41 79 820 66 09

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Montecristo Open Eagle

Normal I prefer well stocked cigars. When I had my first Montecristo Open Eagle, since 2009 on the market, I was really surprised. The Eagle Format is 21cm long and 1.5cm wide like a Robusto. The cigar was perfectly rolled and very velvety and mild to smoke right from the beginning until to the end. At the beginning mild hey flavours and a little bit of spices. The second half was spicier, full bodied but still nice and very equal burning. A realy good Cuban cigar for beginners or for aficionados before dinner.

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