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Lidl and Aldi in Switzerland

Last week Lidl opened the first 13 shops in Switzerland. Most customers were disappointed, because prices where at least at the level of Aldi, sometimes even higher than Denner. It seems that high operating costs in Switzerland are responsible for higher prices.

The wine assortment had no surprises. Beside a lot of Swiss wines the bestseller from the German Lidl assortment. The weekly wine promotions are not especially attractive. This week Italian Pinot Grigio Provinca Padova 6 bottles for 19.99. At Denner they do promotion from similar wines for 17.70 for six bottles. The wine was thin and uncharacteristic, like wine from a hard discount!

Somhow I think Aldi and Lidl are more for tax reasons in Switzerland. Or can anybody explain why Aldi Aldi shortly (SHAB Nr. 53 18.03.2009) put up the issued share capital from unbelievable CHF 994 Mill. to 1045 Mill.?


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