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PUNCH PUNCH Cigar Tasting

Boxing date: JUL07

Format: Corona Gorda   Length: 143 mm     Ring: 46 (18 mm)       Price: 12.60 CHF)

Smoking length: 1 hour

Cover: Caramelbrown         Texture: nicly and smoth       Rolling: very equal and perfectly stocked Cigar,

Cold: Hey, Cedar.           Flavour: full and harmonic.             Impression: invites to smoke.

Cold draught: slightly sweet.       Cigar while smoked:       Flavour: at the beginning chocolate, spices and hey, later spicier and liquorices.

In the mouth: full bodied and sweet, long lasting.

Draught: medium to lightburning: equally

Form of burning: pyramid shape         Colour of the ash: dark ash grey         Consistence of the ash: firm, almost sandy        

Smoking:First third: for a Cuban cigar light, but full bodied         Second third: intense and spicy         Last third: strong and spicy

My personal drink suggestion: Highland Park 16 Years Single Malt Scotch whisky

Situation: after a light lunch, a sip of whisky and then walking through a Swiss winter landscape with snow.

General: full flavored, long lasting cigarStrength: 3/5Flavour: 4/5 [/lang_en]

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