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wine impressions

Yesterday we tasted with some friends and partners three very nice wines. The first wine was a Cheval des Andes 2001 from Argentina. The Joint Venture between Cheval Blanc (St. Emillion) and Bodegas Terrazas de los Andes is since 1999 producing nice wines. Cheval Andes 2001 almost over concentrated, alcohol and tannins very present but well balanced. This wine needed even in the big Riedel sommelier glass 2 hours to show the full potential. 90 Christen Points.

The second wine, Cos d’Estournel 1986delicate fruit flavors’ and a touch of dark choco9late and mushrooms. With a bit of fantasy you could eventually smell a bit of „Bret“. The wine is slightly over the top, but still very structured and has soft tannins. 92 Ch-Points.

The third wine was the best. Opulent, complex and still very fruity, unbelievable that this Cheval Blanc 1985 has more than 20 years of aging! This wine has still some potential, tannin and body are well balanced and the wine is very long on palate. The best wine I enjoyed so far in 2008. 99 Ch-Points

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