Felix Christen
Oenologe MBA HSG
Butzenstrasse 2
CH-8304 Wallisellen

phone +41 44 830 66 09
mobile +41 79 820 66 09

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Mundus Vini 2012

Since many years I’m judging at different international wine competitions. That’s interesting and those blind tastings are useful for the training of my nose and palate.

On this year Mundus Vini competition, the most important contest with more than 6000 samples, something happened which I never saw before! We had many wines with medal’s, not because we where not critical enough, no, the wines where just so good! In the last flight of sparkling wines (probably vintage Champagne) we had 7 wines with a Grand Gold Medal, which means 95 or more points. In international juries it’s normal to have the wines differently scored, but we had 2 sparkling wines where all the 7 members of the jury voted for Grand Gold. I had personally one sparkling with 100 points. Something not very often happened during my almost 30 years as wine professional .

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